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YAB is all about bringing people together. 

It’s people first, business second. It’s about really helping each other through pier-to-pier business problem solving, not that 30 second elevator pitch. 

We want to Make A Difference and with your help we can.

YAB is designed for business owners, key decision makers and business leaders of small and medium-sized businesses to help and support each other. It’s a movement, it's our community, it’s how together we can all Make A Difference.

You can find our groups across Lancashire including Blackburn, Chorley, Burnley, Rossendale, Lancaster, and across Manchester with groups in Central and Stockport and in the South West with groups in Plymouth and Barnstable, with new locations launching all the time!

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The Business Community You've Been Looking For
Your Affordable Board
Started in Lancashire, we are the world’s only peer-to-peer business community growing our businesses through structured helping, and not awkward selling.
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What people are saying about YAB...
What makes YAB different
Our Purpose.
Is to end the feeling of isolation and disconnection felt by business leaders worldwide, by providing a community platform to help others and to be helped ourselves.
Our Mission.
Is to create a platform to support each other through the highs and lows of business ownership. A community, working together to do valuable and meaningful work, solving problems, and celebrating successes, whilst growing ourselves and our businesses in a profoundly meaningful way.
Our Commitment.
We’ll play an active part in making a real difference to the lives of our peers, we will build authentic friendships with like-minded people, and we’ll develop a deep sense of belonging from our community and the work we’ll do together.
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